The eye area is decisive for the expression of your face: tired and worn-out - or vivacious and fresh!

The eyebrows are the frame of the face.
Beautiful, very natural looking eyebrows - without any tedious plucking. An optimum colour and shape which fits in with your type and age. Exact, artistically drawn hairs in various shades give your brows plasticity and a harmonious facial impression - and expression.

Eyeliner: Do you want your eyes to appear bigger and brighter? The exact pigmentation of the edges of the lids (thickening of the lash line) is just right for you. Also for overhanging eyelids. Ideal for ladies who cannot wear mascara and kohl.

The following photos show the positive effects resulting from forming of the eyebrows, including hair-line pigmenting, and a discreet natural eyeline. The photos were taken immediately after the first treatment and show that the client is immediately " fully presentable" again. The colour will fade after a few days and the result will look totally naturally after that. The result is reviewed and optimised as part of the post-treatment.

Eye area - before and after