Do you have unclear lip contours? Are your lips too narrow? Do your lips have an uneven shape? Do you have small wrinkles on the upper lip that you do not like? Or do you simply dislike having to constantly re-apply lipstick?
The ideal solution: The artful lip application gives the lips an optimum shape, makes them full and sensuous at any time, they look luscious and nicely shaped without

The following photographs illustrate the positive effect as a result of the shape and colouration (contouring and full shading) of the complete lips.
The photographs were taken immediately after the first treatment and show that the client is fully presentable again immediately afterwards.
The colour will fade a little after a couple of days and the result will look very natural.
The result is reviewed and optimised in the framework of post-treatment.

Contouring, including full colouration of the lips, before and after