Where is CONTOUR PERFECT applied?

It is used on the eyebrows, the lids and lips, i.e. if the eyebrows are too thin or if there are no eyebrows at all, fine hairs are painted on; eyelashes are enhanced by thickening the eyelashes (i.e. applying a line between the lashes) and your lips look full and nicely curved even without makeup by contouring the lips and applying colour over the entire surface of the lips.

Who should treat themselves to CONTOUR PERFECT?

CONTOUR PERFECT is the perfect solutions for those who do not like the hassle of having to apply make-up, for women who have little time to apply the perfect make-up several times a day, for women who like swimming, going to the sauna or playing tennis - and who do not want to have smudged make-up afterwards, for women who wear glasses and contact lenses and who find applying make-up difficult because of their eye problems, for women who do not have a steady hand for placing the eyeline exactly where it belongs - i.e. between the lashes, for women with thin eyebrows, without eyebrows or with eyebrows that do not grow in the right place - and, of course, for women with uneven lip shapes or wrinkled lips and lips without much volume, e.g. because of herpes simplex of the lips or the wearing of dentures. The tedious daily application of make-up is no longer necessary. You have more time for other things and feel great at any time.

What happens if I want to wear lipstick of a different colour?

You can still apply make-up in addition since CONTOUR PERFECT intensifies your own lip colour. Lip stick will last longer, be brighter and does not run out in any small wrinkles you might have.

Do eyebrows always have to be thick black "bars"?

No, they should not! Using my method, eyebrows are painted as extremely fine and delicate hairs in a shade matching your type with a range of colours ranging from blond-beige to dark-brown - I do not use black at all.

How long does CONTOUR PERFECT last?

Usually between 3 and 5 years, but it should be refreshed after approximately 2 years to make sure it always looks nice and even and retains its intense colour.

How long does the treatment last?

One treatment takes approximately 1.5 hours each for the eyebrows or eyeliners or lips - which means that after approximately 4 hours you will be radiant with your new CONTOUR PERFECT make-up. After approximately 3 weeks, I carry out a post-treatment. So, lasting beauty could not be easier!

Does the treatment hurt?

Pain is subjective - some people do not feel anything, while others feel an uncomfortable scratching.

Are the colours skin-friendly?

The pigments used are principally of mineral origin and are suitable for people with allergies.

Does CONTOUR PERFECT replace my evening make-up?

No, it permanently underlines your natural beauty.

Is CONTOUR PERFCT something like a tattoo?

No, it is not. The colours are only infiltrated into the upper layers of skin. They fade evenly and without any residues after a couple of years - unless they are touched up.

How much does the treatment cost?

It doesn't cost the earth! However, the old rule applies here too: Quality comes at a price. And quality should come first. An offer which is cheap at first glance is no good if you are unhappy with the result and expensive corrections become necessary. Let us do it the right way from the outset: I guarantee you professional treatment with an optimum quality at a fair price. I shall be pleased to prepare an individual offer during a personal consultation.